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                  (COVID-19) Info


                  If you are experiencing respiratory virus symptoms such as fever, cough or shortness of breath, please call us first rather than walking in without an appointment. Call ios用什么上谷歌 and select option 1, then option 2.
                  Do you think you have COVID-19 symptoms? Try the CDC's iphone上如何使用谷歌.


                  Dial 911
                  MEDICAL CARE


                  Same day appointments are almost always available.


                  ADVICE NURSE
                  24 hours a day, 7 days a week
                  during the regular academic year


                    Mumps Outbreak Information   Flu Information   GYT Testing Information


                  UConn Student Health and Wellness will remain in operation but, in alignment with Gov. Lamont's “Stay Safe, Stay Home” policy, we have changed our model for how we assess, treat, and support our students. This is a dynamic process and continues to evolve, so please watch this page for updates.

                  For the immediate future, we will:

                  • Temporarily suspend in-person routine and “well” visits (i.e. physical exams, annual exams, immunizations.)
                  • Continue to provide follow-up care to our established patients.
                  • Move the majority of our clinical encounters to phone and telemedicine* so we may continue to diagnose, monitor, or treat an illness or injury.
                  • Pre-screen students prior to their entering the building for scheduled in-person clinical appointments.
                  • Continue to practice social distancing as much as possible.
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                  • Provide Pharmacy services at curb-side. Details can be found here.

                  *Please see our guide for Healthcare from your Home to make the best of your telemedicine experience.


                  Student Health and Wellness maintains a web portal through which you may:

                  • Schedule an appointment with a healthcare provider 苹果7上谷歌加速软件
                  • Receive Secure Messages from your provider
                  • Complete pre-appointment or other required forms
                  • Upload your required insurance cards or health history forms
                  • View your immunization history
                  • Access itemized receipts for services

                  It's easy! Use the portal link and log in with your UConn NetID.


                  Health History Forms must be submitted by iphone如何上谷歌 August 1st or a hold will be placed on your Student Admin account.

                  A hold on your account will block your ability to add/drop classes, change your dorm room, or register for the following semester. In addition, for Storrs students, you will be blocked from using the Rec Center. A physical exam is NOT required, but it is a state law for matriculated students to submit proof of immunization before attending classes.

                  Storrs Campus students may obtain the required immunizations at Student Health and Wellness. Call 860-486-2719 to make a Medical Care appointment. All usual fees will apply.  NOTE: Regional Campus students living on the Storrs Campus who have paid the Health and Wellness Fee may also utilize our medical care services. All other Regional Campus students will need to seek these services in their community.

                  All accepted students should have received an email with instructions on how to process your forms correctly. If you did not receive an email, please see the New Student Packet through the Forms link on the menu above. Once you have submitted your health history forms, please give us a week to process your form. Specific questions or concerns may be directed to our Medical Records department at 860-486-2985.


                  1. This calendar has no events scheduled at this time.

                  Excuse Notes

                  We do not provide notes that excuse students from classes, activities, etc. 超详细的windows加速辅助教程 - 萌V小站:2021年最新的电脑和手机加速器辅助软件教程方法,电脑chrome打不开网页,电脑如何访问代理网络更换IP地址 ... 访问外国网站,电脑怎么上美国的网站,ins,instagram,twitch,Twitter,line,youtube,google,Messenger,推特,谷歌搜索浏览器访问google应用商店 ... if you need to show that you were seen for medical care at Student Health and Wellness.


                  • Can't get into the Rec Center?
                  • Locked out of Room Change?
                  • Can't Add/drop Classes?

                  You may not be compliant with the regulations regarding immunizations! Go to the Requirements tab above for more info.


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